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HSCAN handheld 3D scanner
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The HSCAN 3D scanner uses multiple wire lasers to acquire a 3D point cloud on the surface of the object. The operator holds the device in the hand and adjusts the distance and angle between the instrument and the measured object in real time. The operation is flexible, convenient and easy to learn. When scanning large objects, it can be combined with the global photogrammetry system to eliminate accumulated errors and improve the accuracy of global scanning. The scanner can be easily carried to the industrial site or production workshop, and efficiently and accurately scanned according to the size, shape and scanning environment of the scanned object.
HSCAN Series Handheld 3D Scanner Specifications
Interface modeGigabit network
Light source form3 bundles of parallel red laser lines3 bunches cross +1 bunch of red laser lines7 bunches cross +1 bunch of red laser lines
Scan rate205000measurements/s265000measurements/s480000measurements/s
Single scan area225mm×250mm225mm×250mm275mm×250mm
Minimum resolution0.05mm

Volume accuracy 1

(when using the scanner alone)


Volume accuracy 2

(with global photogrammetry)

Laser category

CLASS ||(eyes   safety)

Reference distance300mm
Depth of field250mm
Single line laser deep hole mode-supportsupport
Output format.stl .ply .xyz .dae .fbx .ma .obj .asc
Operating temperature10C~40℃
Quick calibration

The software has a user quick calibration calibration function,

the calibration time is less than 30 seconds

High speed scanningThree-dimensional data can be obtained at a rate of hundreds of thousands of measurements per second.

Ultra high precisionAccuracy up to 0.03mm ensures accurate 3D measurement data.

Anti-interferenceThe external environment has little effect on scanning accuracy and works well even in direct sunlight.

Automatic positioningThe target point is automatically positioned and does not need to be equipped with a tracking and positioning device to support dynamic measurement.

real-time display:The real-time splicing of the scanned data in real time can quickly obtain three-dimensional data such as deep holes and dead angles, and the advantages of scanning complex objects are particularly obvious.

Flexible operationThe instrument weighs less than 1 kg and is easy to operate. It can not only scan and splicing large objects, but also use it in a narrow space.

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